What people say about me...

Tom Cronin
professor (brazilian jiu-jitsu)

Over the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Scout through our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu organization. Scout is a competitive athlete with an unparalleled work ethic. She is a talented quick study, and this equates to her being a consistent top performer in her division at competitions. Additionally, Scout is a very positive influence around those who train with her and she maintains a professional standard in everything she does. It would be an honor to support Scout in her career.

Lucas Feitosa Pereira

husband & professor (brazilian jiu-jitsu) 

My name is Lucas Feitosa and I have been following Scout's history closely for some years now. I see her dedication and evolution every day.

She's the typical case of an athlete who has to work a full-time job and train at the same time. Only those who have done this know how difficult this is. On good days we all have the energy to do our daily activities even if it's not our favorite thing to do. But when that Thursday comes, when our body and mind are already tired from the work-week together with the high training load, you can see who is really willing to pay the price. Scout has been paying this price for her entire life. She's sacrificing her free time to train. For this and many other reasons I admire her. I am a full-time athlete and I know how difficult it is to wake up day after day to train. I can't imagine what it would be like to wake up and have a job and only after or in between work being able to do my high-performance training sessions.


Because of her resilience and her perseverance, she has been successful in the sport so far by, among other things, being twice in third place at the No-Gi World Championship. This is an achievement that many try year after year and most of the people fail.


I was following closely Scout's journey to victory at the Grand Slam in London. A week before this important competition, she had competed at the Munich Open where she ended up being finalized in the final. A person without a warrior's heart would be strongly shattered by this and perhaps she or he would not be able to fight a competition much stronger just a few days later. But Scout went to London and put on a beautiful Jiu-Jitsu show, submitting all her opponents. This was proof of toughness I was able to experience with her.


I really believe in her potential and I am not only talking about her as an athlete. She puts love and dedication into everything she wants to achieve. Like this, success is inevitable.


Crossfade Production

sponsor is committed to professional film and media education for children and young people in Switzerland. Young people who want to improve and professionalize their hobby of “making movies”, with a lot of commitment and conviction in their free time, are in the right place with us.

For us, Scout is a symbolic figure for all young people in the sporting field. She shows how you can achieve maximum success with will, perseverance, training, and inner conviction.

Since childhood she has practiced various sports. With Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu she found a sport that gives her life energy and strength. She practices this extraordinary sport with great passion. This kind of passion is also central for young filmmakers who are still too young or who lack the money to go to film schools. We jump into this gap and train and support the young filmmakers with know-how, workshops, and film material; just like we support Scout in showing her athletic skills to the whole world. Young people need supporters for realizing their dreams.

Perseverance and the “keep-going” are just as important in filmmaking as in sports; it is crucial for success. We admire Scout and are convinced sponsors of her.

Wendy Gramajo
teammate USA & friend

I've had the pleasure of being a part of Scout's life since the end of 2018. We met during her travel to the 2018 IBJJF No-Gi World Championship, where she placed 3rd in the adult female blue belt featherweight division, after having just recently been promoted to blue belt one month before. She stopped by to train at the Carlson Gracie South Bay academy in Torrance, California, and we were introduced. Instantly, her passion and drive for the sport did not go unnoticed.

Her discipline to her training goes beyond the mats. Having to work a full-time job to support herself, she still manages to train BJJ 6x a week and makes useful of her lunch hour during work to squeeze in some conditioning. There are countless hours of hard work that takes place during strength and conditioning cross training, diet planning, and analyzing videos. Since her adolescent days as a decorated international Swiss fencer, discipline, passion, and resilience are characteristics that have been deeply engraved within her.


Because of this, I have no doubt that Scout's goal of becoming a black belt world champion will one day be achieved. Her emphasis on details with techniques make her a great teacher, her ability to inspire make her an amazing leader and teammate, and her honesty and big heart make her a genuine friend. It truly is an honor to train with Scout and witness her achieve her goals and accomplishments.

Cheyenne Bosshard


My older sister, my first and forever best friend. Since I can form my own thoughts Scout has always been my idol, the one I look up to. The one I wanted to catch up, but she was always miles ahead of me. If something lights a fire in her, she's burning for it and by that, I mean she goes beyond her ways to achieve the very best. She has that drive some people will never have. It is something out of this world and something I admire most about her. She fights for what she loves, she gives herself to her passion and she won't stop if there are stones in her way. She adjusts, learns, grows and maybe sometimes she has to take two steps back but then jumps right over all the obstacles in her way.

Watching her grow, seeing her getting better in not only Jiu-Jitsu but also her growth as a human being is something of the most heartwarming things, I am able to witness. She's one of the fastest, if not the fastest, learner I know but not because it comes easy to her but because of her commitment to improve.

Looking back on her milestones she has already passed let's you wonder what milestone she'll pass next. If you have the privilege to get to meet her, you'll most definitely see the spark and passion in her eyes and that she's one of a kind.

I'm more than happy to not only call her my sister but also my best friend. She's hungry, hungry to be the best version of herself in Jiu-Jitsu and life. If I'm sure of one thing, it is that she'll get her black belt and surprise many of us by the things she'll accomplish.

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Dakota Bosshard


Growing up with my oldest sister Scout was one of the best things I could ever imagine. Since I was little she was my biggest idol and motivation in every part of my life. She is that kind of a person who always keeps going with a determination of reaching her goals in all parts of her life (training, competition, job, school) despite all the ups and downs.

Since she found Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu she is 100% happier than she’s ever been. Even though the life for full contact sports athletes has been hard for over a year now, she never lost her hope and focus.

As the academies in Switzerland have been closed most of the time since March 2020, Scout was in need of a training partner to train Jiu-Jitsu at home. That’s why she asked me if I wanted to start training with her. I said yes and so we bought some cheap mats on eBay, emptied a room and set up a small but very practical “home-dojo”. Now it’s been already one year since I started to train BJJ with my sister during the two lockdowns. And I love it. Not only because BJJ casted a spell over me, but also because Scout is my coach. In such a short time I learned so much. We train several times week and Scout is always prepared. She always sets up a weekly to monthly plan of drills and techniques as well as specific sparring parts and muscle memory exercises. With her, it definitely never gets boring.

I am very grateful to her because even though I’ve never been a part of a BJJ academy so far, I can say that I get better every week. And that’s because, in my opinion, I have the best coach I could wish for!